Today, there is an increasing awareness among businesses regarding the importance of keeping their operations environmentally friendly. At one time using taglines such as ‘Going Green’ was a matter of fashion but today, people are genuinely interested in ‘Going Green’ by opting for environmentally friendly services and brands. Therefore, even businesses that are not moved by social responsibility are forced to make environmentally friendly business decisions to make their brand acceptable.

Eco-friendly Businesses

Businesses show their eco-friendly approach at various levels such as creating paperless offices, avoiding the use of plastics, encouraging their staff to use public transportation or to join a carpool, etc. All these efforts are to be appreciated but at the same time, there is a lot of room for improvement. Despite doing all this, your company may not be 100% eco-friendly. Why? There is one more important area where you can act pro-environmental is being missed out in your efforts to be an environmentally friendly company. Almost all types of businesses make use of shipping, freight or courier services. If are a truly eco-friendly company, you should be working only with environmentally friendly Pender Island freight service providers.

Pender Island Freight Service

Using an environmentally friendly Pender Island freight service has numerous environmental benefits. Reports indicate that vehicles used for road transportation are responsible for more than fifty percent of the global carbon footprint. Courier, shipping and freight services constitute a major percentage of this road transportation. We cannot avoid the use of shipping or freight services to reduce the carbon footprint that we leave but we can certainly help the situation and reduce the percentage of carbon that is emitted into the environment by selecting courier companies that use eco-friendly trucks.

Hybrid-electric Truck with Low Carbon Emissions

There are hybrid trucks that use both electrical and fossil fuel to power the engine today, which reduces the carbon emissions. Some courier companies to put in their dime to support the cause use of low emission trucks for their shipping operations. Using courier services that use low emission hybrid trucks for their courier services will certainly have a very positive impact on the environment. Our children will have cleaner air to breath. We will be using lesser amounts of non-renewable fuels in the long run.

You do not have to spend more money to be a truly eco-friendly organization here. All that you need to do is to select an eco-friendly Pender Island Courier service provider for your organization’s ongoing shipping and freight transfer needs, something that is easily achievable. When every company makes such a responsible decision, all the freight transfer companies will be forced to switch to the use of low emission trucks to remain in business. This, in turn, will have a cumulative positive effect on the environment, which will benefit not only you but also your children and your grandchildren.

If you have been taking a lot of efforts to ensure that your organization is an environmentally friendly organization, here is one last step that you need to take to make yourself a truly eco-friendly company and it does not cost you anything extra.