Active Pass Freight, a Galiano Island freight service, recognizes the need for low-emission delivery service on Galiano Island with their 2015 Hino Hybrid Truck. All of the island’s businesses and residents have been exemplary in sustaining their delicate, pristine west coast environment. The area’s newest hybrid-electric truck service is now looking to less the carbon load also. With over thirty percent fewer emissions, Active Pass Freight is the ideal company to service Galiano Island’s commercial interests.

Change is an unstoppable force, and Galiano must work to protect its nature in order to accommodate the increasing number of guests who learn of about the island’s beauty. The area has a lot going for it with plenty of things to do. The Galiano Inn has an amazing spa, while the Galiano Golf and Country Club is a perfect place to have around and dinner with friends. The small business sector of the island is renowned for its implementation of green ordinances. A breakthrough in this already efficient system would be the implementation of green delivery service. Until cleaner fuel is on the mainstream market, the most practical and least-impact measure would be to employ a hybrid delivery service such as Active Pass Freight.

For Galiano Island freight, a single hybrid-electric truck can make an amazing difference to the collective carbon footprint. The new Hino Hybrid series of five-tonne trucks were released in 2014 in Canada, and the Gulf Islands already is receiving the advantages of its service. Active Pass Freight, which was established in 2014, is intent on expanding its business across the islands, including Galiano Island. The acquisition of new hybrid trucks for servicing the islands is only a matter of time. Ideally, all of Vancouver Island could convert to hybrid service as well, but small steps in the right direction must be taken. Every island resident of West Coast British Columbia has the option to make the green choice, and ship goods using a hybrid delivery service.

Galiano Island has done well to protect its natural resources. Bodega Ridge located on the Trincomali Channel offers a picturesque view which may rival any natural setting in British Columbia. Collison Provincial Park is a well-preserved area which approaches Active Pass. It’s apropos that Active Pass Freight, a Galiano Island freight service, and companies of a similar, environmentally responsible commitment service the commercial interest of Galiano Island. The Island does well to balance its commercial and environmental interests, and only certain companies can ensure this balance remains. Many island residents are averse to procedures perceived as unclean, like mass shipping or high-emission forms of shipping. In this new age of online shopping, finally there is an alternative; a green choice for Galiano consumers to ship their products with.

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