With great effort and consciousness, the residents of the Gulf Islands have buffered their natural surroundings from a nearby, bustling urban sprawl. Vancouver has been one of the fastest-growing North American cities, with nearby Vancouver Island experiencing a population increase as a result. Remarkable is the fact that an archipelago in between the two land masses is world-renowned for its preservation of natural features. Residents make choices that affect nature. Choosing a Gulf Islands Freight service that contributes to preservation is part of the program.

Equally as impressive are the prevailing attitudes of residents and guests alike, with their commitment to keeping the Gulf Islands green. There is also one business that is the vanguard of a new movement; a business-wide effort to commit to a greener solution. With their hybrid electric-truck service, Active Pass Freight is that company for Gulf Islands freight service.

Gulf Islands Freight Using Hybrid-electric Trucks

Hybrid electric-trucks are cutting edge technology on the commercial level. Like Tesla automobiles, hybrid commercial vehicles have been slow to hit the market, especially in Canada. When Hino made their five-tonne hybrid trucks available, Active Pass Freight was one of the first five companies to purchase one. Some things are common sense; when a greener choice made itself available, it was immediately implemented in a region most likely to do so.

Low Emissions are critical to maintaining a clean environment. A Gulf Islands Freight hybrid electric truck can travel from Saturna Island to Sturdies Bay, to Pender Island four and a half times before reaching the emission levels of a regular commercial truck at the same weight. Whether you operate a hotel, or a small bed and breakfast, there is always an opportunity to lessen your carbon footprint; either by occasionally buying bulk or simply making the switch to regular, greener service. Active Pass Freight has designs on servicing as much of the community as possible, including major grocers and choice restaurants. When word spreads of an ethical service that is essential to the Islands, responsible changes can occur.

Nature in its purity appeals to all five senses, and sadly in some of British Columbia, this purity has been lost. Light pollution, auto pollution and other sources of imbalance caused by urbanization have compromised what was once a pristine environment. Thankfully there are other BC natural safe havens. Galiano Island is considered pristine, even for Gulf Islands’ standards. From Mount Galiano to Heritage Forest, the islands are gorgeous and hopefully shall forever remain in balance and harmony with nature. It only stands to reason that such places be protected by many green measures, and possibly green, hybrid delivery service. Salt Spring Island, while the most heavily populated of all Gulf Islands, has managed to maintain extraordinary levels of preservation. It can serve as a model for all Islands as they continue to grow in population. It’s no coincidence either that Active Pass Freight not only services Salt Spring Island but is well-received among the business community.

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