What is unique about Mayne Island and the Gulf Islands is the universal commitment among its residents to preserve the environment and local ecology. It is a coordinated effort among the people to ensure nature retains its balance and isn’t polluted by commercial interests. Of course, commerce is a fact of life and almost unavoidable. Active Pass Freight, a Mayne Island Freight Service, bridges the gap between commerce and environmentalism with its green, hybrid electric-truck service.


Active Pass Freight is aptly named to service Mayne Island- as the island is separated from Galiano Island to the north by Active Pass. The pass has a history of serving as a shipping route since the 19th century when frequent stops were made in Miner’s Bay. Sturdies Bay now is the point of entry for all transport, Active Pass Freight has a vision of crossing the ferry terminal many times into Mayne Island and delivering a greener choice.

Although Mayne Island residents do a fabulous job in striving to preserve their natural surroundings, a hybrid-electric truck service would add to their efforts while satisfying shipping interests. The Hino five tonne electric-hybrid truck can deliver up to seventy percent fewer emissions than regular fuel-burning trucks. Hybrid delivery service is the answer for the Southern Gulf Islands. It is the kind of breakthrough that can be spoken about by business owners and within the Islands Trust.

Active Pass Freight has serviced Mayne Island in the past and their enthusiasm is always high to go there. It’s easy to take detours in Mayne Island, for purposes of sightseeing in Bennett Bay for example. As the Island is the first stop from the Lower Mainland in the Gulf Islands route, it is the first to be on display for British Columbia tourists. Mayne Island real estate has been attractive to many retirees so it’s always important for the island to keep a good impression of their natural preservation efforts. The serenity and peacefulness is its trademark, even as a steady flow of tourists visit every summer.

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