It is time that we all started giving back to our environment. For generations, we have been polluting the environment and depleting the earth’s resources in every way possible without any restore mechanism. There are many ways to support the ‘Green Movement’ and one of the powerful ways of doing that is through recycling. Pender Island Recycling handles tons and tons of recyclable materials year after year.

Pender Island Recycling Society

Pender Island Recycling Society meets the recycling needs of all sectors ranging from residential recycling to industrial recycling. As the premier experienced recycling company on Pender Island, they have perfected the art of recycling and thereby enabling the society to reuse the materials in the most effective way possible.

At Pender Island Recycling, they are not merely a waste management company but look into creative ways of reusing the waste materials, which normally go to the landfills. One of the major concerns why many organizations do not go for recycling is that the processing costs are much higher when compared to the recycled materials produced out of the waste. Working in conjunction with Cascades Recovery Inc, your waste will be efficiently and economically managed, passing the savings on to you. Active Pass Freight is pleased to be hauling Pender Island recycling waste to Cascades Recovery Inc. in Victoria, BC.

Cascades Recovery Inc.

Cascades Recovery Inc. is in the business of managing discarded recyclable materials. They handle over 1.56 million tons of recyclable materials annually, processing the material at their twenty-one material recovery facilities located across Canada and the US. As one of Canada’s largest collector, processor and marketer of recyclable materials, they have been providing recycling services to the Commercial, Industrial, Graphics and Municipal sectors for over 33 years. They assist our customers in achieving their sustainability goals while delivering cost-effective material recovery methods.

At Pender Island Recycling, they firmly believe that there cannot be one fit for all blanket recycling solution. They provide you with fully customized recycling solutions based on your needs and the nature of the waste to be handled. They offer the most comprehensive range of recycling solutions. They deal with all kinds of residential waste ranging from papers, cardboard, plastics and more. They are not just another recycling depot that you will come across in the Gulf Islands. As a recycling and waste management company, they have set ourselves apart in the region by offering end to end recycling solutions.

We are here to prove that recycling could work and that it could, work without having to increase your household and organization’s recycling budget. Today, it is the responsibility of every organization to make environmentally friendly decisions. It is time that everyone chipped in with his or her share. The idea behind recycling is to minimize the use of energy, the resources and thereby minimize the carbon footprints that we leave behind. At Pender Island Recycling, they have perfected the art of recycling and thereby make recycling a viable ‘go green’ option. There is no special virtue in recycling for the sake of recycling. It has to meet environmental goals and do so economically.

You can confidently approach PIRS with your recycling management requirements knowing that you are contacting the region’s top experts. They have a fully equipped facility to take care of all kinds of recycling requirements. They have the experience that you are looking for and the expertise that is required to do justice to your requirements. To get in touch with Pender Island Recycling Society view their web site. If you have any questions or need any clarifications,  we are certain they will be happy to assist you.